Cannabis Legislation 2018 - Is this the year!

Call, write, text your Congressmen and Senators

In 2018, several major pieces of legislation are in play. Here are the bills to watch:

Do this now! on Friday, federal lawmakers will decide the fate of the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment (f...

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Cannabis Ruling US 10th Circuit Court of Appeals – This Stinks or is it the Cannabis!

If words like RICO, Controlled Substances Act, Racketeering, Repeal, and Marijuana are as interesting to you, as they are to those of us who are in the business of protecting the industry and the people in it, then the Appellate Case:16-1048 Reillys, Safe Street Alliance, the States of Nebraska &...

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A Swift Kick in the Cannabis!

DEA denies rescheduling – Cannabis to remain a Schedule 1 drug

As you may have heard, late last week the Drug Enforcement Administration passed on reclassifying Cannabis from a Schedule 1 drug, keeping it in the same family as Heroin, LSD, and Peyote. Basically saying there wasn't enough science to support the move. Industry groups like MPP, NCIA, McCalliste...

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Our Two Cents Worth – Killer Weed?

Protecting the Dream with Product Liability

April 14, 2014, Richard Kirk allegedly nibbled part of a marijuana candy before he shot and killed his wife. He had a low level of THC and no other drugs or alcohol were in his system. According to the Denver Post, his attorneys are going to argue that cannabis intoxication playe...

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Our Two Cents Worth…..

51% of Americans now live in States with access to Medical Marijuana!

In this political season, 51% seems like a majority, but I'm not sure how the delegates or electoral college actually come into play.

Pennsylvania just pasted a restrictive Legalized Medical Marijuana this week, becoming the 24th state with a comprehensive medical marijuana law. Patient...

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Colorado's Neighbors Rejected by High Court Over Marijuana!

You might want to slow down driving into Nebraska or Oklahoma with Colorado plates!

Nebraska and Oklahoma lost an unusual bid to go directly to the U.S. Supreme Court with their complaint that they are suffering the consequences of Colorado's legalization of marijuana.

The two states sought to invoke the constitutional provision that lets states sue one another directl...

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Marijuana is insurable and it's not with your father's insurance company.

As you may have heard, a federal court in Colorado just came down with an important marijuana insurance case. The case involves a Cannabis company suing its insurance company for failing to pay on claims and for bad faith. The insurance company denied the claims that fell under their General Liab...

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Colorado Cannabis Growth by the Numbers

Q4 Colorado Cannabis Growth

The Cannabis industry is alive and well in Colorado, based on the latest reports from the Marijuana Enforcement Division. 2014-2015 4th Quarter to 4th Quarter overall growth was 62.3%, with Recreational leading the way at 70.3%. Medical overall QtoQ growth was 8.3% bouncing back from a down Novem...

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Great News! Cannabis plants can now be insured for Lost Income!

Imagine you have a fire, and your cultivation had over 200 plants in various stages of growth? You lose everything. How are you going to recover the lost income resulting from this claim? We have answers. A cultivation can insure for direct physical loss due to perils such as fire, vandalism, the...

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Is there Cannabis Insurance for my dispensary or cultivation?

Did you know that you can buy insurance for your cannabis business? You sure can! Introducing coverage for all phases of cannabis production from "Seed to Sale". Product Liability Insurance, crop insurance, lost revenue, transportation and even recall insurance. That's right. Transfer the risk of...

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Nation's First Drive-Thru Recreational Marijuana Shop Opens This Spring Article found here

Ethan Wolff-Mann @ewolffmann Feb. 1, 2016 Recreational marijuana is now legal in Oregon, and some of its residents appa...

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Cannabis Crop Insurance: Is There Insurance Coverage In Colorado For Your Marijuana?

Contrary to what many think, marijuana insurance is available! Over the last 4 months there have been many rumors as to what happened when Lloyds of London pulled out of Colorado's expanding marijuana market. Why did they do this? We have some answers.

  1. In general, Lloyds of Lond...
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Medical marijuana will be on Florida's ballot in November


Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau


Floridians will decide this November whether to allow medical marijuana in the state.

On Wednesday, a constitutional amendment to legalize the drug gained enough signed petitions to qualify for t...

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Cannabis Insurance Solutions Now Has Access to Cannabis Insurance Products in Arizona!

I am happy and excited to announce that Cannabis Insurance Solutions and Insur Bud are now ready to place business in Arizona. On Oct 26th, we have been asked to present on the Cannabis Convention panel on insurance related to the industry. Rick and Lisa will be drafting up several key points in ...

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