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National Cannabis Industry Association

NCIA is the only national trade association advancing the interests of the legitimate and responsible cannabis industry. Our industry supports tens of thousands of jobs, tens of millions in tax revenue, and billions in economic activity in the United States.

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Soaring Technologies, LLC

Soaring Technologies

"We're a scrappy team of pragmatic and entrepreneurial-minded geeks, who align client business technology with existing strategy. We're passionate about building a strong, stable, and scalable tech foundation for your unique business goals."

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DISTRIBUTORS,CULTIVATORS,MANUFACTURES & RETAILERS - ASK YOUR AGENT ABOUT PREMIUM DISCOUNTS Assign tasks and manage inventory between locations using real-time geolocation. Tracking and shipping cannabis has never been easier. Recording grow activity throughout every stage of your garden's lifecycle shouldn't slow down your business. NatureTrak helps gardeners flourish in the realm of compliance.

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The mission of CIS Insurance Services, LLC is to provide security and protection for qualified marijuana businesses. We will accomplish this in an expanding, diversified market throughout the US. Quality products, superior service, quality control, education and accountability is our primary goal. We will maintain high standards of excellence by continuing to educate and train our personnel in an expanding Cannabis Industry.

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